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Power cleaning brush. Go green clean.

Power Cleaning Brush

power cleaning brush

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Diesel powered sawmill - circa 1957 ...

Diesel powered sawmill - circa 1957 ...

... out in the brush near Hayfork, California. The story I've been told is that a guy from here in Cottage Grove, Oregon,10 miles south of Creswell, named Bob Beach bid on a logging job and instead of hauling the logs to an existing mill, he built a mill on the logging site. The mill was called High Point Lumber Company. The mill was built in 1957, and ran for less than a year before Mr Beach and part of his family were killed in the crash of his small plane when it hit a tree near Mt Shasta, Ca. The mill closed soon afterwards, the logs were trucked to another mill for processing. It happens that a guy from here in Cottage Grove, Gary Hughes, the former fire chief, worked for High Point the summer of 1957 driving lumber truck from the mill to Redding. When I learned he had worked there, I gave him some pics of the burner. He had tried to find the mill several years before that but couldn't locate it. He told me of a man in Hayfork who had helped build the mill and I contacted him and he sent me a couple of slides he had taken of the mill when it was running. When I find them I will post on flickr. The burner was a 50 footer built by Rees Blowpipe and it had the normal clean-out doors. Except for damage to one side from snow, it's in remarkably good condition. The burner and cyclone and several chunks of blowpipe are all that's left of the mill.



This layout was inspired by one from Angela Powers titled “3” featured in the gallery.

Background paper: S Princess Flea Market Chic paper aqua
Photo frame: K Pertiet Curled Frame- pinked white
Photo wrap: Jazzmin designs, my daydream elements
Yellow ribbon with stitches and white dots: L Grieveson Wornstrips
Yellow ribbon with dots: Manda Bean Gummy Berry Juice ribbon 3
Purple lace: G Miller Rainbow lace, lilac
Purple stripe ribbon: D Mogstad So Joy ribbon2
Brown tag: M Lima Wildflower elements
Stamp: K Pertiet Defining Moments- Mom
Epoxy dot: K Pertiet Color Challenge 9708-1
Purple glass flower: EM metal glassflower
Glitter flowers: Creashens Faded Summer
Letter K: E Power Tutti Frutti alpha
Bead Alpha: K Giarrusso Just the Basics beaded letters
Journaling: My silly girl! I’ve told you that it’s a pretend cleaning brush but you still like to brush your hair with it. I just love this picture of you, in your cleaning apron at your playtable, surrounded by your bright toys.

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power cleaning brush

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